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The MIPS Preparation Program  is an educational Portal for busy staff who need access to expertise, but are still figuring out their budgets and responsibilities. 

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  • MIPS Concierge Service for research and education 
  • Annotated and clickable MIPS Proposed Rule (and Final Rule when published)
  • Downloads for financial projections, CPIA analysis, ACO Briefing, and more
  • Access to Interactive MIPS Software Prototype

Premium benefits at additional fees, with incredible ROI:

  • Deep discount on first year MIPS Software subscription
  • 2016 Meaningful Use Automated Batch Attestation (first time users only)
  • Custom MIPS Briefing and Training Material development 
  • CQM Tool analysis and ACO impact analysis consulting 

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Actions After Proposed Rule

As we all start absorbing what MIPS will require, it is time to figure out the day-by-day operational support our physician teams will need.  How will we actually submit PCIA? How about analyzing Quality Submission alternatives?  What will we do to estimate our MIPS Composite scores for each EC and TIN combination?  

Visit our MIPS Monitor page, sign for our prototype, and  help build a starting point for your 2017 MIPS Plan.