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Under MACRA, registries can use their software to submit CQM data to CMS on behalf of a client group. However, there are drawbacks to a group on having data submitted to MIPS via registry:

  1. The population of measures from which to select a providers’ “best six” is limited to the measures in the registry’s domain. Some providers may score higher using measures other than those outside what the registry reports on.
  2. For 2017 (and possibly future years as well), the benchmarks CMS uses to derive CQM scores are generally more rigorous under registry reporting, than under the “EHR Direct” option. The result is that the very same measures and raw scores typically result in lower MIPS scores when using registry, rather than EHR direct.
  3. If the registry calculates measures using claims data feeds, and / or manual abstraction of chart data to improve raw scores, the group is excluded from claiming the MACRA bonus for “end-to-end-CEHRT” reporting. This bonus adds an extra 10% to the numerator of the MIPS score, which results in a significant increase in score.

MACRA Monitor analyzes measures calculated via registry and/or EHR, identifies the method for the highest MIPS score, and submits to CMS.

The net result is almost always higher Medicare Reimbursement than what is achievable via registries.

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What is MIPS Submission?

Don't rely on "new comers"!  We have automated submitting Meaningful Use (ACI) data to CMS since 2014  for thousands of physicians.  We are the experts.  Integration with CMS has never been easier and goes well beyond simple Registry activity.